Initial consultation, style and design.
Do you know what you’d like in a wedding cake?
   Yes…Great! Send me some pictures, samples and sketches, then we can discuss further.
   No…not a problem. A little research goes a long way. Think about what inspires you as a couple. What do you like, what is your style, taste and theme? Do you plan your cake to match your wedding day, dress, flowers or invitations etc.?
Initial contact usually involves brainstorming and coming up with a final design. This is the fun stuff! You need to trust that your cake designer completely understands you and that your dream cake will become a reality. The sooner you can finalize, the sooner you can lock it in. 
Have you thought about flavours, number of servings and budget?
How about; decadent chocolate, refreshing lemon, strawberry champagne, marble mud, rich red velvet, traditional fruit cake… what takes your fancy? Sometimes the style/design and even what season we’re in will affect flavour choice, best to chat with your cake designer to see what suits.
Number of servings will often determine size of cake. Think about whether you’re serving up your cake as dessert (which usually means larger portions) or to be shared with tea and coffee (often smaller pieces). Perhaps you’re having an outdoors or cocktail style wedding or maybe would like the guests to take home a piece of cake as a parting gift, these are all things we should factor in.
Don’t forget to enquire about cost. The more ‘add-ons’ the dearer the total price will become. Deposits paid well in advance, locks in the day you choose for your wedding, check that your date is available before discussing icing colours and sprinkles.
Final payment, delivery and set up
Usually a deposit secures your date and confirms your cake booking. Discuss with your cake baker the final details of your cake before final payment is made. This also includes delivery time and setup if required.

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