It’s dripping down the tip of your nose. Your Hair looks like it has been glued to your head. Your Singlet has become your second skin. You feel like just out of the shower and you forgot to take off your clothes – You just finished your workout! Your Batteries are empty. But… you are feeling great! And everybody can see it. You are looking exhausted but relaxed, happy and somehow sexy! And Sweat is all what it takes.
To push yourself to your limits sometimes, when it comes to exercising, is a good thing. Your happiness will spark and your self-esteem will grow. More and more people are getting the kick out of high intensity workouts and the appeal from sweat. Expert say: “Intensity is back”.
The boom in interest on Crossfit, Boot Camps, H.I.I.T. and Co. are proof it’s true.
The sweats running down your temples while working out shows that you are fit! Someone who is not, can usually produce only a maximum of 0.8L sweat in 1 hour only. As a fit & sporty person you will sweat up to 3l at the same time. Because people are quite often not well enough educated, they get embarrassed about their intense sweating. For aesthetic reasons they even will put on their Deodorant before they start working out. Just to make sure, sweat gets no chance.  But sweating why exercising is a very important process and the very right thing to do so for your body. Sweat is needed for your Thermo regulation. These little drops, covering our skin, make sure that when they evaporate, they get us the needed cooling, to keep the temperature of the body in the right range and saving it from overheating.
As more you train, as better the system will work. Your body will react much faster to its rising temperature under the intensity of your movements. That helps to keep your heart and circulative system safe. Together, with the opening of your capillaries on our skin, this process makes sure, that you are having a constant low body temperature, which then will keep your pulse and your heart rate in a healthy limit.
So here you have all the reasons, why sweating, like pouring rain down on you, is proof that you are an excellent sporty and fit person. And then there are Dopamine and Adrenalin, the two “Happy Hormones”. You get them as a reward for all the hard work.
Your self-esteem rises and surprise, surprise, you are looking all charismatic and… erotic. And it’s also scientifically proven, that fresh sweat has a direct connection to being sexually attractive. With your sweat you will produce different Pheromone – these mysterious scents, which we use as creatures to communicate on the biochemical level. For example, when a woman smells the Androsteron, a breakdown product of the Testosterone of a man, produced by his freshly made sweat, her mood will improve and she even will feel slightly aroused.
So when you are looking for the right partner in your life, this biochemical processes can actually help you find The One straight after your workout. The ‘Love of your life’ passes you and you are unaware of your sexual attraction. You haven’t had the chance to use any Deodorant or run to the shower. And because some Pheromone have the ability to send out some genetic information, your life partner could feel more attracted to you as a potential partner. The fitting aroma cocktail signalizes through its Pheromones. As if you have the same genotype, you wouldn’t be attracted. And Voilà…

But for this to happen, you need to give your sweat a chance to release its bait. If you let the sweat do the work, then maybe your big true love wont be far away!

Well, hang on… you knew that already, didn’t you? So in your case – Job done!

Thank you sweat! Bring on the Wedding Dance!

Angi is a Mobile Personal Trainer at
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