When starting to plan your wedding/engagement two words come to mind – fun and stress, unfortunately in some lot of cases the stress part takes over.  In this blog I’ll discuss putting the FUN back into planning your wedding/engagement.

With so many function centers and restaurant to choose from – where do you begin?  A fantastic website like www.gettingmarriedhere.com.au has everything you need to steer you in the right direction.  With so many options out there working with the right people can help take the stress away and lets you have fun.

When inquiring at a venue – ensure you speak to the right person.  All venues should have a functions manager that should answer any questions you may have.
Firstly before you decide on a venue, know your budget. It is quite easy to get carried away with organising your function and knowing your budget and sticking with it can be quite difficult.
For a more casual and intimate approach a cocktail event is the way to go.  A stand up function is more engaging for guests to interact and socialize and even though you are not served a meal, the food can still be plentiful and well presented.  A flaw that many don’t consider when hosting a cocktail party is drinks.  When standing around and socializing you tend to drink a lot more than sitting down for a meal.  The social aspects and surroundings tend to encourage you to have that extra one.  Be sure you tell the venue exactly how much you want to spend on drinks as it can get out of hand.
A sit down event is more suitable for entertaining guests of all ages.  With an agreed menu prepared by the venue it is easier to accommodate for guests’ needs.  Many function centres have set menus to choose from which cater for guests’ needs and requirements and allows a choice for people to choose from.  If you have a lot of different aged groups attending your sit down function could be the safest way to go.
A few tips in choosing the right venue:

  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Ensure the venue is suitable and licensed for your function needs
  • Ensure the functions manager is easy to talk to and works with you to make your function run smoothly and takes the stress away
  • Cater for everyone’s needs – with so many intolerance these days, ensure the venue meets all of your guests’ needs
Remember that planning your engagement or wedding should be fun and as stress-free as possible.  A venue that you’re comfortable with, people that work with you to take the stress away will ultimately lead to you having a day remember for the rest of your life.
Owner and chef at Casa di Tutti, Domenic, will work closely with you to ensure your event turns out just as you envisage.  Seating up to 50 people and 70 people for stand up cocktail style events, Casa Di Tutti is the ideal venue to host your intimate wedding or engagement.
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