Your wedding is quickly approaching and there seems to be a million details to attend to. But how do you handle all of those details while keeping up with your normal life? We have put together 8 tips that will help you de-stress and enjoy your wedding. So, let’s get started!

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  • Hire a wedding planner

We know you have heard this a thousand times. It is listed on every wedding tip sheet you have ever read. It is listed in all of the DIY wedding publications. There is a reason for that. This is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch and to relieve you from frustrating issues. If you do not take any other advice from this list, take this one. Hire a professional wedding planner. Bonus tip: check the wedding planner out well. Check their references. Meet with them over coffee before you hire them. Wedding planners are strong-willed and controlling people. They have to be. But make sure your personalities do not clash. For the next several months, they will be a big part of your life. Make sure it is a good fit.


  • Choose a single location

This is especially important if you are having a destination wedding. But, having a single location for the wedding, reception, and honeymoon will cut down on stress and the expense of travelling from one venue to another. This also helps you organise your honeymoon registry into one tool that does it all. Try Plumfund. It is free and it has everything you need built in.

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  • Consider the day of the week

Saturday is the busiest day of the week for weddings. It is also the busiest day of the week for hotels, restaurants, tours, theme parks, and every activity you can choose for a group. This means getting married on Saturday will be more hectic and you will pay premium prices – for everything. Consider having your wedding on any other day of the week (second choices are Friday and Sunday) to save money and to remove your important day from the masses of people who are out and about. A mid-week wedding promises fewer crowds to contend with, more attention from your vendors, and much less stress as the time limits are usually more relaxed.


  • Assign someone to take those last minute calls.

It is the day of your wedding. You are getting your hair and makeup done and trying to get ready for the biggest event in your life. And your phone will not stop ringing. If you took the advice of tip number one, you can hand off your phone to the wedding planner. Details and last minute questions are their jobs. If you did not, choose someone you trust (like your maid of honour or a parent) to take over. Provide them with a list of vendors and their phone numbers and let them make the last minute decisions. At this point, nothing will be earth shattering and if it is, you probably do not want to know about it.


  • Bring extra shoes

The photographs have been taken, you are enjoying your reception, dancing, and greeting guests. This is when your feet begin to scream for relief. Have an extra pair of comfortable shoes stashed somewhere. Little white ballerina type slippers are great. They are easily folded up and slipped into a purse or someone’s pocket and they are very comfortable.


  • Re-purpose the ceremony flowers

Save time and money by having the ceremony flowers moved to the reception. Lining them in a horizontal pattern on a centre table, bar, or over an arch is a beautiful way to decorate. Bring a few larger bows to place in open spots. At the end of the evening, the flowers are easily boxed (as they are all together) and can be delivered to a local nursing home.

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