​We have many brides coming to us asking about flowers for their wedding and not having much idea about where to start so we thought we would help you with a few tips!
1. Wedding Date
One thing that brides sometimes forget is that some flowers are only available at certain times of the year. If you have your heart set on Peonies for example then you need to make sure your wedding date is within the period from late October to late December. But be aware that as flower growing is dependent on weather, a heat wave, cold spell or other environmental factors can change this so always have a backup option.

2. Colours
If you are having trouble deciding on a colour theme then have a think about a few things. What colour are you having for your dress and your bridesmaids? What colour is the reception and what will work in with the decor? Are you have a modern theme, rustic theme, traditional theme? A decision on these will help bring the whole wedding together.

3. Time
Make sure you allow enough time to book in your wedding date. We recommend that you allow a year to have a look at the flowers that are in season at the time and to make sure you get the date you want. The busiest wedding season is October to February so florists are in high demand and so are the premium flowers so booking well in advance will make sure you can have what you want. If you are having a winter wedding, keep in mind that wedding receptions may be cheaper but wedding flowers may not be. This is due to the fact that some flowers need to be grown in hot houses over this period so heating pushes the price up.

4. Budget
Flowers usually take a big chunk out of a wedding budget and this is something you should be prepared for. It is  possible to have amazing bridal and flower decorations on a tight budget, the most important thing is to determine what budget you are willing to work with and communicate that to your florist

5. Bridal Consultation

When having your first bridal consultation bring as much information you can. Bring in the colours you are thinking, a piece of material of dresses, any research you have done. Have a look on the internet and have a couple of ideas you like. Your wedding florist can help guide you towards the flowers that will work and what is in season but being organised with what you like will speed up the process.

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