There are many things you need to ask your chosen Jeweller prior to making a purchase, you need to know whether you are the right fit, whether you are comfortable with the business you are about to entrust your Jewellery purchase or repair with.
1. Are you a qualified Jeweller with a completed apprenticeship and what level of experience do you have.
We cannot stress the importance of this enough, only once your piece is made or repaired can you know what quality you will be getting unless you get a guide from asking this question first. Also check any reference source you can access, testimonials on social media are a great way to get a feel about who you are dealing with these days, also take note of personal recommendations, there is nothing better than word of mouth advertising for any business.
2. What quality are the Diamonds you use and do they come with an independent grading certificate.
Prices vary hugely across the Jewellery industry and generally you get what you pay for, bargains are often misleading with diamond quality playing a huge role in the cost of a piece, the same size stone can vary in the thousands of dollars based on the grade and whether it is a certificated stone which will give you an independent opinion. Always ask, if the business does not know the quality or indicates a reluctance to tell, walk away.3. Do you do custom work so I can have a choice in my design and contribute to the design process.
There are Jewellers and there are retailers, generally a retailer will try to sell you what they have in stock, to have choice and to able to contribute to the design of your new piece you need to source a Jeweller that can design and custom make you something, we are getting harder to find, if you find a good one stick to them.

4. Are your pieces completed in your workshop or are they imported from overseas.
Often Jewellers will have a small range of stock in their business that is made by them ready for sale, alternatively they will have the ability to custom make something for you, much more preferable than an imported mass produced piece.5. Do you offer a free stone check and polish service on any items you have produced.
Having your Jewellery ‘serviced’ regularly is of prime importance, remember your ring is generally on your hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this time it will be subjected to all manner of knocks and wear and tear, gold and silver is soft and malleable, longevity only comes with proper care and maintenance. Your Jeweller should be able to check claws and settings on a regular basis to check for potential issues and give your piece a spruce up with a polish every 12 months or so.

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